The Universities Fund (UF) is a body corporate established under section 53 of the Universities Act 2012 to among others, provide funds for financing universities. Its Board was inaugurated on Friday 29th January 2016.
  • Advise the Cabinet Secretary in matters of university education funding and related policy issues;
  • In consultation with the Cabinet Secretary, develop a transparent and fair criteria for allocation of funds to public universities and issue conditional grants to private universities;
  • Apportion funds to public universities in accordance with criteria established;
  • In consultation with the Chairpersons of Councils for public universities, establish the maximum differentiated unit cost for the programmes offered;
  • Establish the minimum discipline differentiated remuneration for academic staff of universities, which shall be fair and globally competitive, and , advise the Government accordingly;
  • Mobilize and receive funds for purposes of the Fund from the Government, donors, and from any other source.
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